Meeting November 20th

SPHSA Meeting November 20th, 2017

Please make an effort to attend the next Home and School meeting, which will be held on Monday, November 20th at 6:30pm in the Library.



Nominations for Home and School positions

On behalf of the Spring Park Home and School Association, we would like to issue a warm welcome to the families, both new and returning, who are members of the Spring Park Elementary School community.

The Home and School Association has spearheaded a number of important initiatives that have benefited our school community. Notably, a very successful breakfast program was piloted in 2016-17, serving 200+ smoothies to students on Friday mornings. Other Home and School-led initiatives have included Diversity Awareness Week, Christmas Shoppe, Teacher/Staff Appreciation Day, and the formation of a Canadian Parents for French Chapter.

Due to the high turnover that our school community has experienced, we have a number of vacant positions with the Home and School Association.

Nominations for Executive Positions:
We are looking for nominations to fill two executive positions for the Spring Park Home and School Association: (1) President; and (2) Vice-President.

DAC Nomination:
We are also looking for nominations to fill a vacant position as the Spring Park Home and School representative on the Colonel Gray Family of Schools District Advisory Council.

We are looking for a Chair of the Health and Nutrition committee. Additional members will also be required for this committee as well as the Canadian Parents for French (CPF) committee. If you are interested in volunteering with the CPF committee, please contact Jill Olscamp, co-Chair, at

If you are interested in one of these positions or wish to nominate someone, please inform Leslie Cudmore ( Please ensure that the nominee is in agreement with the nomination. In the event that we receive more than one name for a given position, individuals will be requested to submit a cover letter and C.V. and a formal voting procedure will follow. Deadline for submission of interest/nomination is September 30th.

Best regards,

Leslie Cudmore, SPHS Secretary, and
Norman Dewar, SPHS Treasurer


Thanks to all of the volunteers who helped out today for the Spring Park Fun Day, it was a great success!


Spring Park小学开心趣味日活动需要志愿者支持

Volunteers Needed for Spring Park Fun Day学校开心趣味日活动需要志愿者支持

On Thursday June 22, Spring Park will be having an end-of-year Fun Day. We are looking for volunteers to help out with: a smoothie/water station; a rest station; and a face-painting station. Please respond to me ( if you can help out. Thanks, Sheldon Opps


如果您能够给予协助,请联系我 (。非常感谢!Sheldon Opps

Spring Park Open House学校开放日活动

Spring Park Open House


In an effort to welcome new families to our school for next year, we will be hosting an Open House at Spring Park next week on Wednesday, June 7 from 6:30 – 7:30. At this time, we are looking for volunteers who can help out at the school, including supervision in the playground. Please contact me ( if you will be able to assist.





1. The next Home and School meeting will be on Monday, May 29 at 6:30. We have invited West Royalty and West Kent Home and Schools to attend this meeting as well, and if you know people from these schools please bring them along. At the meeting, Principal Terry MacIsaac will be sharing information on student numbers, staffing, and Transition Team developments. We will be giving an overview of our school and Home and School activities and offering those transferring to Spring Park an opportunity to be involved with the H&S (see below).

下一次家校会议将于5月29日晚上6点30分召开。届时将会邀请West Royalty 和 West Kent小学家校协会的成员参加会议。如果您认识那两所学校的人员,请邀请他们一起参加。在会议上,Terry MacIsaac校长将会通报各种信息,包括:学生人数、教职员工以及过渡团队的进展情况等。我们也会把学校及家校协会开展的各种活动介绍给大家,给即将加入Spring Park小学的人员一个参加协会组织各种活动的机会(请参看以下信息)。

2. We have submitted nominations for the top School Bus Driver award and the top Crossing Walk Guard award.


3. Open Houses: West Kent will be having an Open House on Tuesday, June 6 (6:30 – 7:30); Spring Park will be having an Open House on Wednesday, June 7 (6:30 – 7:30). Families will be getting tours of the schools and an opportunity to meet teachers and staff. At this time, we NEED VOLUNTEERS TO ASSIST WITH TOURS AND PLAYGROUND SUPERVISION.

开放日:West Kent小学的开放日定为6月6日(晚上6:30-7:30);Spring Park小学的开放日定为6月7日(晚上6:30-7:30)。所有家庭将会参观两所学校,有机会与教师和员工见面。届时,我们需要志愿者协助大家参观学校并在操场监督儿童

Re: 2017 School Bus Driver Award 2017年度最佳校车司机评选活动

Re: 2017 School Bus Driver Award


If you have a favorite school bus driver who goes “above and beyond the call of duty”, we need to put in our nomination forms by Friday, May 12th, 2017 deadline.

如果您有 一名 实际工作 “远远超出本职工作”的最喜爱的校车司机人选,请于2017年5月12日周五前填表提名。

Details and nomination forms for the PEI Home and School Federation’s 2017 School Bus Driver of the Year award are attached and online at:


If you need further information, call 620-3186


Nominations for Executive and Committee Chairs for the Spring Park Home and School Association.家校协会寻求行政管理人员和委员会主席人选提名

Nominations for Executive and Committee Chairs for the Spring Park Home and School Association.

Spring Park家校协会寻求行政管理人员和委员会主席人选提名

Hi everyone,


To date, we have not received any nominations for the vacant SPHS Executive Positions and Committee Chairs as listed below. With all of the changes that will be happening next year, it is very important that we retain a strong sense of community, and the SPHS Executive and Committees play an integral role in making this happen. There are ~160 children coming in from other schools, primarily West Royalty, and we want to make them feel welcome and at home in our community. So, please consider putting your name forward, or nominate a friend (with their approval), to one of the following positions.

至今,我们还没有收到空缺的家校协会管理人员的任何提名人选。随着下半年学校发生的变化,家校协会的管理层和下属委员会为了维持强有力的学校社区,一直起到了至关重要的作用。有将近160名孩子来自别的学校,但主要是从West Royalty区将加入我们的学校。我们希望让他们在学校社区能够感受到大家欢迎的气氛。因此希望大家踊跃提名自己或是朋友 (经过同意)填补以下空缺职位。